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Training Course Examples

Special Industry Training Course Examples


-Hydraulic Equipment and Systems Maintenance
-Pneumatic Equipment and Systems Maintenance
-Principles of Basic Mechanics
-Principles of Lubrication
-Bearing and Shaft Seal Maintenance
-Mechanical Drive Maintenance
-Motor Maintenance


-Principles of Basic Electricity
-Electrical Troubleshooting
-Introduction to Robotics
-Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)


-Introduction to Microsoft Word
-Introduction to Microsoft Excel
-Introduction to Microsoft Access
-Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint
-Introduction to Outlook and E-Mail


-Welding, Cutting and Brazing
-Shielded Metal Arc (Stick)
-Metallic Inert Gas Welding (Mig)
-Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Tig)
-Flux Cored Welding (Wire)
-Blue Print Reading for Welders and Fitters


-Blue Print Reading & Understanding Technical Diagrams
-Practical Math for Industry
-Hand Tools

Machine Tool Technology

-Basic Programming & Operation of CNC Milling Machines
-Basic Programming & Operation of CNC Lathe Machines
-Blue Print Reading for Metalworking
-Dimensional Measurement
-Drilling Machines
-Basic Tapping Procedures
-Basic Milling Operations (Vertical)
-Basic Milling Operations (Horizontal)
-Basic Lathe Operations