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Student Handbook/Catalog

About the Handbook

The student handbook/catalog has been prepared to provide information about the programs and training opportunities provided by the college and the rules and regulations associated with attending a TCAT. It is designed to serve as a guide for currently enrolled students, parents, educators, employees, and others who are interested in seeking information and/or technology training for gainful employment or to update current skills and related information.

It is the responsibility of all students, parents, educators, and employees of the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology to read, understand, and follow the rules and guidelines as outlined in the handbook.

Handbook Review and Changes

The course offerings and requirements of the college are continually under examination and revision. This handbook presents the offering and requirements in effect at the time of publication, but is no guarantee that they will not be changed or rescinded.

Adequate and reasonable notice will be given to students affected by any changes in the handbook, most notably all updates and/or corrections will be included in the online version of the Student Handbook/Catalog, which supersedes previous written copies. This Student Handbook/Catalog is not intended to state contractual terms and does not constitute a contract between the student and the institution.

The college reserves the right to make changes as required in course offerings, curricula, academic policies and other rules and regulations affecting students and will become effective whenever determined by the institution. These changes will govern current and formerly enrolled students.

The college provides the opportunity for students to increase their knowledge by providing various programs of instruction by well-qualified faculty. However, acquisition of knowledge by any student is contingent upon the student’s desire to learn and his/her application of appropriate study techniques to any course or program.