Stories @ TCAT

TCAT Hartsville is scheduled to host it Council on Occupational Education Reaffirmation visit December 5-8.   Over the past few months, TCAT Hartsville has gone through our self-study process. 

The primary purpose of the self-study is to examine an institution’s qualifications for accreditation through a comprehensive self-evaluation conducted by institutional personnel. The self-study process also serves as a strategic planning vehicle for the improvement of all institutional services. The Council provides guidelines for the self-study in a manual that each institution is expected to use in planning, conducting, and reporting its self-study.

The visiting team assesses the quality of an institution in light of its stated mission using the standards and criteria of the Council as the basis for the assessment. Information sources utilized by team members in conducting the on-site evaluation include the institutional self-study report, documentation available at the institution, interviews of individuals associated with the institution, and observation of conditions and practices.