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TCAT Student Updates for May 15, 2020

TCAT Hartsville will reopen for hands on lab instruction to limited capacity beginning Monday, May 18.  It is our intention to offer continue online theory with on-ground labs in accordance with the prevailing CDC guidelines regarding public safety.

The educational goal is for students to continue workig toward graduating by gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the workplace. To accomplish this, interaction with the faculty is very important. The best labs will be provided with live practice with the instructor, allowing the student to demonstrate critical thinking and to have discussion with the instructor.

Hybrid Schedule Requirements
For the beginning of the summer term, students will be attending training through online education coupled with on-ground labs. It is imperative that the amount of work students perform via the hybrid schedule of online theory and on-ground labs match the hours daily that students are registered for.

Lab Schedules
Lab schedules, including days and times, vary based on the needs of the individual programs. Details on these schedules were published by each faculty member to their students.

Precautions for Returning to Campus

The following precautions are being implemented as part of the college’s plan for return to campus.

Students and employees who have been ill may not return to work until symptom free for 72 hours. Individuals may not return for two weeks if they have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or lives in the home with a person who is under quarantine.
Students who are quarantined but able to work from home will be permitted to do so online, as the curriculum allows.
Screen all people coming to campus for Covid-19 symptoms with the following questions:

--have you been in close contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19?

--are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat?

--have you had a fever in the last 48 hours?

--have you had a new loss of taste or smell?

--have you had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours?

Require employees and students to wear a cloth (or other type) face mask while on campus in common areas or when in person to person interactions. They may supply their own facemask or use one provided by the school, as available.

Prohibiting congregating in break rooms and other common areas and limit capacity of these spaces to permit social distancing of at least 6 feet.  

All faculty, staff and students are requried to enter through the front lobby in Hartsville for screening and the student entrance near the student parking lot for screening in Lebanon.


Tennessee Department of Health

The Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) has launched a Tennessee Coronavirus Public Information Line in partnership with the Tennessee Poison Center. The number is 877-857-2945 and is available daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. CDT.

People with concerns about their health should contact their health care providers. Tennessee Department of Health has additional information available at www.tn.gov/health/cedep/ncov.html. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has updated information and guidance available online and can be found at www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html.